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PostSubject: In the same situation   Melbourne Newbie EmptyFri 11 Aug 2017, 1:28 pm

Hi Ak42, I'm in a similar situation, however I live at the opposite end of the country, Cairns so unable to assist with most of your enquiries. It is good to hear from someone when you are a newbie. 

Up here one surgeon will book directly to the health provider and then Bill you for $8500. I was told that up to half of that might be covered by Medicare. It's the 'might' that bothers me!  Another surgeon here is less expensive but left a mates wife in a coma for 3-4 months following her op. Apparently nicked her bowel and she got septasemia. It has really knocked her about. So not going there.

But like you I want to finally do something for me and as an exercise regime and relative caution with eating will not budge my weight I'm ready to take the plunge. I am 58, weighing 87kg, 5'3" with BMI of 35.4.

Hope someone from your neck of the woods gives you some answers to your questions.

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Location : Melbourne's West, Australia.
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PostSubject: Melbourne Newbie   Melbourne Newbie EmptySun 06 Aug 2017, 1:22 pm

Hi, a newbie here,

I am wanting recommendations or personal experience on sleeve surgeons in Melbourne. I am interested in things like: Were you happy? how much out of pocket expenses? Experience with after care services? Which hospital? what would you ask if you were to do it again knowing what you know now? Your success? General advice.

Im about a year away due to PHI. Want to research as much before hand. Looking to lose 35kg. I am 5ft 0in so very short and my bmi is 38. I have always been "chubby" and a sufferer of PCOS so struggled with weight and fertility. Over the years, after 2 kids and with a lot of hard work, I lost 40kg. This left me with a lot of excess skin so I had an abdominoplasty. It was fantastic, I was at my ideal weight for my height, finally which is 50kg.

Circumstances changed and another child came along so did another 35kgs, my roller coaster is on the way back up. Again!!

I am 42 now and want to do something for myself. As hard as I try to loose weight, nothing seems to work anymore. I feel this is my only option left. Many of my friends have had bands and lots of complications, so the sleeve seems like a better option for me.

i am really unsure and a bit scared but I have made the decision and looking for a bit of reassurance I think.
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