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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO SITE   Tue 04 Aug 2015, 1:56 pm

Are you in kununurra...
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PostSubject: NEW TO SITE   Fri 08 May 2015, 5:37 am

Hi Everyone

I heard this was an amazing sight and i have looked through previous postings for information and feel a little overwhelmed.

I have MS and had a band put on on Perth 5 years ago - last 2 years have been pretty bad with no weight loss and quick runs to the bathroom or behind the nearest bush up north due to that backwash of fluid. Not good in the tropics as we dehydrate so fast. Friends of mine have had a sleeve and are happy with it and am now considering this option.

I unfortunately lost my health cover as with my MS had to have over a year off work, am now back at it but health cover just started and as this is a pre existing illness am not covered for 12 months.

So I guess questions around can i access my super and what $$$ roughly am i looking at to get band removed and sleeve put in. has someone gone through this recently.

Initially i went through Kevin Dolan but am open to recommendations in Perth

Does anyone know if medically this can be done without private health due to my MS

I really appreciate your input and any advice is greatly received

Thank you so much
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