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 Surgeon Choices...who to choose?

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Surgeon Choices...who to choose? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Surgeon Choices...who to choose?   Surgeon Choices...who to choose? EmptyMon 18 Jul 2016, 2:10 pm

Hey Teegslb, welcome😊

I'm 32 and had my surgery in March 2015 with Dr Kuzinkovas at St George private. He has been fantastic the whole way along and anytime I've had any questions/issues he and his team have been really prompt and supportive, making sure I have the answers I need. I personally found him through a recommendation from a friends wife who had the sleeve and have been really glad I did.

He's a very friendly and personable guy...but he also doesn't pull any punches explains the risks realistically, sets high expectations and has strict guidelines re post surgery diet. As far as I am aware the only complications he has had have been with patients who didn't follow the post op guidelines. He is an expert in this surgery but also doesn't just do weightloss surgery, also does other gastrointestinal cases.

I've lost 74% of my excess weight so far and am absolutely blown away by how different my relationship with food has become. Don't get me wrong it has been a really hard journey but it has totally changed my life for the better and I think getting the right surgeon for me was a part of the sucess.

Good luck with everything whoever you choose😃
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Surgeon Choices...who to choose? Empty
PostSubject: Surgeon Choices...who to choose?   Surgeon Choices...who to choose? EmptyMon 18 Jul 2016, 11:22 am

Hi everyone.

I have only just joined this forum today, so hopefully I am posting this in the appropriate place!

I am a 26 year old female who is a high school teacher who tends to eat her feelings! I am already seeing signs of joint issues in my knees, breathlessness and just a general feeling of unhealthiness within my body. Though my students see me as "curvy", or the new term "thick", and praise me for it, I don't think being quite this curvy is healthy and is not something I want them to aspire to. 

So far in my research I have narrowed my options down to Dr Petrou at Port Lap Surgery in Port Macquarie, Dr Kuzinkovas in Sydney, or Dr Florica who is also in Sydney. If anyone has had experiences with any of these surgeons, good or bad, please tell me so I can add it to my thoughts when deciding on who is right for me.

Thank you :)
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Surgeon Choices...who to choose?
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