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 Best revision surgeons (band to sleeve)

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Best revision surgeons (band to sleeve) Empty
PostSubject: Best revision surgeons (band to sleeve)   Best revision surgeons (band to sleeve) EmptyTue 15 Aug 2017, 11:44 am

Hi all

This is my first post. I had he band done about 7 years ago started at 108 for down to about 75 and kept it off for a few years. Over the last 3 years I've been putting it back on and I'm back where I started.

I want to get the band removed (it hasn't had any fluid in it for ages anyway due to pain, heartburn and vomiting) I just hate the band so much. I would like to do the sleeve 3 months later.

Can anyone with the sleeve recommend a good surgeon l?
I got the band done with dr Craig Taylor and I know people on here rave about him but I found him cold, judgemental and impersonal. There was also a girl next to me who was about 16 at the hospital getting the band done back when I did and he spoke to her so condescending about her fatty liver. The doctors who gave me my fluid top ups seemed very inexperienced and would sometimes have to put the needle in three or four times until they found the port. Also, the office has quoted me $9950 for removal and sleeve. They even said if I didn't go the removal with them but wanted the sleeve would still be $9950. Funny that considering the sleeve on the website is $5950 all inclusive! Not a fan of the o-clinic.

So I'm thinking of Talbot? They are only charging about 4K plus anasthesiologist - otherwise dr Martin who's just a little more expensive.

Does anyone else have any other recommendations around Sydney? Thanks so much in advance
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Best revision surgeons (band to sleeve)
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