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 Excessive Belching post-op 12 months plus

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Excessive Belching post-op 12 months plus Empty
PostSubject: Re: Excessive Belching post-op 12 months plus   Excessive Belching post-op 12 months plus EmptyTue 10 Apr 2018, 12:20 am

Sorry that no one has got back to you re the issues that you are having - I didn't know that this site was up and running again until I got a pm from another member.

I personally know nothing.  I guess that the only thing you can do is persist in trying to get in to see your surgeon :( . 
In the meantime, maybe a visit to a bariatric dietitian could help.

All the best!
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Excessive Belching post-op 12 months plus Empty
PostSubject: Excessive Belching post-op 12 months plus   Excessive Belching post-op 12 months plus EmptyWed 03 Jan 2018, 10:02 am

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this Forum, I am posting this question as I am unable to find anyone with a similar experience.
I had a sleeve in April 2016 plus a Hiatal hernia  repair, great outcome in relation to weight lost :) Still struggling with  few issues and am not sure they are sleeve or hernia related.

I am someone who never burped before the surgery, I know unbelievable but true! Now it is excessive, I am not stating excessive lightly, multiple friends and partner have confirmed this, my issue is - is it the hernia repair or sleeve?
What makes me question the Sleeve is that - 1) I was fully refunded for the cost of the Anesthetist and 2) 3 of my four follow-up appointments were cancelled without rescheduling, 

I have monitored my diet and have eliminated all food and drink products that would impact on the burping, without success. 

I guess what I am after is anyone with suggestions on managing and or eliminating - please and thank you for the time taken to read. 
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Excessive Belching post-op 12 months plus
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