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 YAYYY!!!! I got my DHS Super letter..... BUT.....

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PostSubject: YAYYY!!!! I got my DHS Super letter..... BUT.....   Sat 12 Aug 2017, 5:38 am

Hey guys..!

SOOOOPER excited as I awoke to receiving the letter saying I am eligible for early release of Super... 

But I have a question if someone can help please --

My total quotes and the amount I applied for was $7280, yet it says I am approved for "$7900 (net tax and charges)"

Now because I'm stupidly excited, my brain isn't working properly - that means the 22% tax is ON TOP of that amount, right??

If not, then they've short changed me the quote amount...

And why would they give me "$520 extra" than what I asked for??  Is this a normal practise? Is there a charge I'm not thinking of right now?

Please explain.....someone!!

(YAY ME!! )

Thank you,    ShannyPee... xx
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YAYYY!!!! I got my DHS Super letter..... BUT.....
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