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 To sleeve or not to sleeve?

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To sleeve or not to sleeve?  Empty
PostSubject: To sleeve or not to sleeve?    To sleeve or not to sleeve?  EmptyTue 27 Jun 2017, 1:22 am

Hey Folks 

Sandy here with a million thoughts about what direction I should take. 

I feel like I need to write my concerns down about whether I should take this journey or not. I know no one but myself can answer this.  I would just appreciate thoughts about your own personal journeys and the reasons behind why you came to the decision to proceed. Its a big decision after all. 

I have had an initial consultation with Dr Jason Free on the Gold Coast about getting sleeved.  I am 164cm tall and weigh 90 kilos. Yes I know 90 seems not so big considering some of the journeys you have all been on. But to me its heavy. 

The only time since childhood that I was a reasonable weight was when I developed an overactive thyroid and dropped weight like there was no tomorrow. I was 30, 60 kilos and looking great. Which all changed once I had radioactive thyroid treatment. Then the weight starting piling on. Now at 44 I have hit 90 kilos and just been put on Diabex because I am hyperglycemic. 

This has been a real wake up call.  I don't want to progress to being a diabetic. I am also so disgusted about how my body looks. Being single and the age I am I don't feel I want to even try and start dating because I just couldn't be intimate with someone looking how I do. Don't get me wrong I have a great personality, I am a super social person, I love my own company,  I just have some body issues to deal with. I know that whats on the inside is what counts but we all know it takes someone very special to see past the chunky. 

Due to the thyroid and hyperglycemia despite exercise and trying every diet under the sun I have failed to loose more than a few kilos at a time. So here I am, to sleeve or not to sleeve? Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

Its very encouraging to see the great journeys you have all been on. This journey is certainly not an easy one so respect to you all to your commitment. 

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To sleeve or not to sleeve?
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