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 Another newbie.

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PostSubject: Re: Another newbie.   Another newbie. EmptyThu 20 Apr 2017, 5:15 am

Hi Vicki, yes we get where you're at! One thing I would say is realize it is a tool, not an answer. I know there are a lot of successes but also a lot like me... I regained nearly all my loss within 2 and half years. My head has not been able to change - my thinking and bad habits and cravings are all there. Please try to look after your mental well-being, and try to make the change from there to be successful with the weight loss. Do you have bad habits now/emotional eating that sneaks in on you? This is what has destroyed my efforts, because its all too easy to come back even with the sleeve. Actually it's like I never had the sleeve. There are many who are being re-sleeved.... I thought I could change, I wanted to keep the weight off so badly like everyone else here. I don't mean to discourage you but rather support and suggest that the underlying things be seriously looked at too. All the best for you.
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PostSubject: Another newbie.   Another newbie. EmptyWed 19 Apr 2017, 11:11 am

Hello, my name is Vicki.  I have been considering a getting the sleeve for while now after many years of yo-yo dieting. You name is i have tried it, every diet under the sun and then some. I am now at my heaviest ever. I am 163cm (5' 3") and 120kg. the most weight i have lost got me down to 95kg and thats where my body gives up. Many times i have got down to this 95kg mark and then my body is like "nah no more" and so i give up and of course the weight goes straight back on and then some.

Now it's time to get some help in the form of surgery. I am 40 years old living in Melbourne. A wife with a very supportive husband and a mum to 3 boys 20, 18 and 16 and it's now time to do something serious for myself.  My knees hurt all the time, my back hurts all the time, my shoulders ache, my ankles seize up if i have been on my feet all day. It's getting harder by the day.

I have been looking into WLS for some years but never really thought i would have the means to do it let alone the funds. NOw that i find i can use my super i can now get the surgery.  First i wanted the Lap band but the more i read the more i knew it wouldn't work for me so i have now decided the sleeve is for me.

I have already booked my first consult with Dr Draper in Langwarrin for June 14th. I am actually very excited.

I have been lurking on this board for a few weeks now and i know it's not terribly active at times but what i have read here has been fantastic.

I hope to keep you up to date and continue to get great advise as my day gets nearer (once i get a date that

Thank you

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Another newbie.
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