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 Indecisive from Adelaide Australia

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PostSubject: Re: Indecisive from Adelaide Australia   Indecisive from Adelaide Australia EmptyMon 30 Jan 2017, 7:52 am

Bumping this post to the front and out of the spam.

Welcome to Katkat
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PostSubject: Indecisive from Adelaide Australia   Indecisive from Adelaide Australia EmptyFri 27 Jan 2017, 11:23 am

Hey peeps! So glad I found this group!

I'm 40, I have two early teen daughters and I work with my husband in our business. I'm hoping to have some kind of surgery in the next few months. 

I've been very actively practicing Intuitive Eating and mindfulness for the last 7 years and have resolved many of my food obsessions and non hungry eating. I have also been in therapy for years, yay to mental health plans!! I also have IBS and follow a low FODMAP diet. 

I can't lose weight because I can't eat heaps of veg because I get sick when I do from my IBS. IBS is very much an issue of meal size. The smaller the meal the better I am. But hunger is an issue. 

I'm hoping surgery will help me to eat a more wide and varied diet and also obviously help me to lose weight. My biggest issue is appetite and if I had less of that I think I'd be able to lose weight happily. 

Had a crappy time with an initial meeting at the over priced Dr Bessel at Wakefield and found their system to be really odd. I still can't work out why they need to charge $7k out of pocket when everyone else charges $4k. 

I'm really struggling to decide on sleeve or bypass. The long term food restrictions after the bypass make me nervous. But I'm also worried about GERD and not losing enough weight on the sleeve. 

BMI is 46. I would like to lose about 65kg. Would LOVE any thoughts or feedback. 

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Indecisive from Adelaide Australia
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