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 Graves Disease (Thyroid) and WLS

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PostSubject: Graves Disease (Thyroid) and WLS   Fri 06 May 2016, 4:01 am

I posted this in my diary as well.

My thyroid has started to go bad, post WLS

I knew that with weight loss and Thyroxine doses, there could be issues.
Now I know why I have been having all the bizarre symptoms post op.

Yesterday I felt so upset.

I went to my Endo, for my thyroid checks, and got the bad news: I am Hyper-thyroid again!
Felt like crying all day.
I feel so unwell .... so over this thyroid disease!

Back in Hyper mode again! 

TSH 3.4 in Feb 2016
TSH 0.6 in March 2016 (3 weeks post op)
TSH 0.01 early May 2016 (8 weeks post op)

My pulse is up again with Blood Pressure (lot higher)
Headaches are back
Feeling really hot again 
Can't sleep again
Irritable and very tired
Leg cramps are back

Was advised to skip 1 day each week, my 100mcg Thyroxine.
So, take Thyroxine 100mcg for 6 days Mon-Sat, then on Sunday don't take it.
Do this each week for now ....

Don't know if I can wait this long for the Hyper thyroid to settle down.

Took Beta Blocker yesterday, as my pulse was racing, huge headache, blood pressure was high.

I lost 12 kgs post op so far, and it scares me that with higher weight loss I will feel unwell again .... and again ....

Graves Disease sucks ! 
I am looking forward to one day my weight stabilising and my Thyroxine dose stabilising. ...

One day .....
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Graves Disease (Thyroid) and WLS
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