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 My op is tomorrow eek

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PostSubject: Re: My op is tomorrow eek   Sun 29 Nov 2015, 8:50 am

Good luck! I hope it all goes really well for you. Make sure you let us know how you are doing once you're out the other side (and feeling up to it!)
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PostSubject: My op is tomorrow eek   Sun 29 Nov 2015, 1:47 am

So, in April I had my band removed by Dr Blair Bowden for free (major issues after 6 years) and still lost another 10kgs getting down to 92.2kgs doing it on my own. Then a couple of months ago I started putting the weight back on and got back up to 105kgs and said enough is enough, so went back to Blair and booked myself in for 30 November.

I'm definitely far more nervous than when I got my band, but still looking forward to losing this weight. I know some have said it's slower after having a band, but that's ok, I just want this weight gone forever.

I just hopped off a cruise on Friday and took all of my Sustagen with me and had no problems drinking them and only eating veges and salad the entire cruise. I go back on a cruise 19 December and am all prepared for that too with more Sustagen if I need it and my doctors letter, so P&O know that I need blended food so all's good. This morning I'm down to 98.6kgs.

I'll see everyone on the other side after tomorrow and let you know how I'm feeling :)
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My op is tomorrow eek
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