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 Band - considering sleeve in Perth.

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PostSubject: Re: Band - considering sleeve in Perth.   Thu 14 May 2015, 9:25 am

Hi Louise - I'm in the process of transitioning now - just had the band out and have to wait for PHI to kick in in October to get the sleeve - my surgeon told me there is a very high risk of a leak to do it in one go.  In the mean time I can't seem to stop eating - it is scary after years of vomiting to see how quickly it just piles back on...  I hear you about the socialising but it's going to take some adjustment with the sleeve too.   There are loads of stories on here under this section - read all you can to know what you're in for.  Everyone's different of course but you'll know the possibilities at least.

Good luck on your research.
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PostSubject: Band - considering sleeve in Perth.   Thu 14 May 2015, 9:07 am

I'm new to this site; I have had a GB for 6 yrs, I initially lost all of my weight, however I had to have the band tight and was unable to eat! My hair started to fall out and I had no energy...I loved being 60kg, but I was not feeling well. I have been up and down with band fills, until I have got to the point where I am eating and have gained all the weight and then some. I have hated not being able to eat, and the constant vomiting, going out to tea and socializing has become hell. I am really depressed after gaining weight, so I'm now considering a sleeve. I'm terrified of surgery and the potential post op complications. I have also read that you need to have the band out first and then later have the sleeve? Has anyone been in a similar situation? I would love to hear from you. I have an appt with my Doctor in 6 weeks to discuss removing the band and potential sleeve surgery, I would like to do some research on my own before then. Thanks...
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Band - considering sleeve in Perth.
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