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 I can't sleep - thyroid issues

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PostSubject: Re: I can't sleep - thyroid issues   Sat 11 Jan 2014, 8:38 am

Hi Jag,

I'm also on Thyroxine I've been sleeved for 13 weeks, I haven't had any blood tests since the surgery and I'm thinking maybe I should get a check up. I tend to stay awake til around midnight and then I make myself go to bed. I didn't think about the meds, and I haven't had any extra energy that I thought I would get as the weight drops off so it may be a possible explanation. The 20 kg weight loss has helped me to be able to move more easily and I'm in less pain so I can do more things but domestic goddess - nup!

I find when I'm asleep that I wake really easily and then I can't get back to sleep for ages, so I have an ipod with an audio book (the more monotone and boring the better) and I play that when I go to bed and that cuts down on background noise which is what wakes me, e.g. the cat or the husband moving around, that has helped me to settle better of a night time.

Hope that you find some help to get a better sleep, it is very hard to get through the day when sleep deprived.
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PostSubject: Re: I can't sleep - thyroid issues   Sat 11 Jan 2014, 7:53 am

Hi Jag, like you I am a very bad sleeper,was before I had the sleeve done and I still am now over a year out. Some nights I only get about 3 hours and the rest of the night is very restless, I got a step and sleep tracker which I use all the time as I am always trying to better my sleep. You could also try some Melatonin which you can buy over the counter,as we get older our body does not make enough of it,Melatonin is a natural sedative our body makes for sleep,the older you get your body makes less of it so supplementing it may be a need.It is safe and is not a drug,my doctor actually recommended it ,some it works for and some it doesn't but it is worth a try,you guessed it I was one of the ones it didn't work for. I am in desperate need of a holiday as I have not had one for 13 years and am off overseas for a month in 4 weeks time so this might help as I am very stressed around home looking after my father for the last 11 years. The holiday and time out of here might help me so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have tried patches,drops,balms you name it,but I refuse to go on actual sleep tablets as they tend to make you worse after time. Many times I am still farting around trying to get to sleep at 1 & 2 am and I get up at 6 every morning ugh. Also as you are only 10 weeks out many find it can take a few months for their body to be rid of all they use drug wise for the surgery,everyone is different but is take can months for your body to revert back to a sleep pattern after major surgery.
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PostSubject: I can't sleep - thyroid issues   Thu 09 Jan 2014, 1:31 pm

Since my surgery 10 weeks ago I have had only about 4 full nights of sleep. Due to the fast initial weight loss my dose of thyroxine became too high and affected me terribly. It takes 6 weeks per increment of adjustment to take effect, and I feel like I will never catch up the right dose. I have never lost weight effectively with insomnia, and i believe that's why my weight loss has slowed up so much. Always after a good sleep the weight drops, but I have been wired up in overdrive and it's really getting me down now. Last night i was exhausted and after tossing for ages in bed i got up and prepared cooking and fiddled mindlessly until i fell asleep at 5am. I was lucky to get 5 hours sleep, and my brain is still buzzing badly yet i feel so exhausted. Averaging between 3 to 5 hours sleep a night is taking a real toll on me now. There's not much I can do but continue to have blood tests and gradually lower the thyroxine dose. I'm forgetful, have no energy, and struggle with every day cleaning house. Everyone has noticed how weak I am now. Any one else have problems adjusting thyroid meds/sleep with weight loss?
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PostSubject: Re: I can't sleep - thyroid issues   

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I can't sleep - thyroid issues
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