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 Metformin after surgery

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PostSubject: Metformin after surgery   Mon 27 Apr 2009, 8:28 am

I have been insulin resistant and have PCOS for many years. I had to stop Metformin
(2000mg ER) earlier this year due to (unrelated) tummy upset, then my GP wanted me to wait till seeing my surgeon before starting right before surgery.

When I saw my surgeon he said my blood test results showed I was now Type II. But my blood sugars were fine in hospital and he told me not to take my metformin for the moment in case it causes hypoinsulin or hypoglycemia while I am on limited nutrition - can't remember which he said but I think they are the same anyway.

My understanding is that Met dosn't cause hypoglycemia anyway, although post-vsg liquids and mushies is not exactly a normal diet so I guess it is possible.

As I have IR, I do not want to stop metformin, even if my blood sugar levels are good. If I am still IR at goal weight, I would rather stay on Met even then, plus I know it will make loosing weight possible. I am sure my GP will continue to support this, as he was the one to finally put me on Met for my PCOS.

So for those who stopped taking met for surgery, when did you start taking them again? I can't imagine taking those tablets now, but maybe when I get onto solids. I will obviously ask my surgeon for his advice, but if I have to prove IR, I wonder if it will show up now on bloods, given the severe restriction of food?
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Metformin after surgery
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